Xylor Jane: Notebooks

Text by Em Rooney, John Yau.

Published by parrasch heijnen / CANADA, 2019

This is a hybrid artist’s book and drawing monograph by the Massachusetts–based painter Xylor Jane (born 1963), whose works based on or derived from numbers and other systems of order have found critical acclaim among curators and artists internationally.

Her often brightly colored, immaculately constructed and executed paintings run parallel to, and are informed by, a drawing activity that is much about notating her daily life as it is comprehending the role of numbers and their history.

This book is the first to focus on her drawings and notes, sequenced by the artist herself. This sequence, which includes work from the mid-2000s to the present, is accompanied by essays on her drawings by John Yau and Em Rooney.

ISBN: 9781942884446

Tony Delap: A Retrospective

Forward by Malcolm Warner. Essay by curator and art critic Peter Frank.

Published by Laguna Art Museum, 2018

This catalogue accompanies the 2018 exhibition at Laguna Art Museum “Tony DeLap: A Retrospective”

isbn: 9780940872448


Daniel Turner

Text by Franciska Zólyom

Published by White Cube, 2012

In Turner’s work there is an inventive and physical use of industrial materials – from kerosene, charcoal, soot and rust; the raw products of burning, oxidization and corrosion.

Turner captures a transformative process in a series of 'paintings' entitled ‘5150’. These wall-based works, encase bitumen emulsion between two sheets of transparent vinyl mounted onto wood. The vinyl seals the bitument inside so that the liquid never fully solidifies, creating a sense of perpetual movement within the work. Turner uses tar or Bitumen, both black oils and viscous, since they are a naturally occurring by-product of decomposed organic material and have been employed for centuries in diverse uses ranging from sealants for buildings to medical ointments for skin.

Deborah Remington: A Life in Drawing

Introduction by Margaret Mathews-Berenson. Text by John Mendelsohn, Lilly Wei.

Published by Deborah Remington Charitable Trust for the Visual Arts, 2016

Deborah Remington (1930– 2010) emerged as an Abstract Expressionist in the late 1940s and ‘50s while attending the California School of Fine Arts where she studied with Clyfford Still, David Park and Elmer Bischoff. Following a sojourn in Japan to immerse herself in the study of calligraphy, she moved to New York in 1965, joining a thriving art scene that included Chuck Close, Brice Marden, Dorothea Rockburne and others.

Drawing was a constant throughout her career, as it shifted from gestural abstraction to the more tightly structured geometric compositions that are her signature style. Her abstract language, with its luminous spatial permutations, bordering on the surreal, defies easy categorization. Today, with the general public accustomed to the disconcerting visual effects made possible by digital technology, this is an ideal moment to reconsider her work with its myriad complexities.

ISBN: 9780692757857

Forrest Bess: Seeing Things Invisible

Text by Clare Elliott, with a contribution by Robert Gober

Published by the Menil Collection, 2013

Self-described visionary artist Forrest Bess (1911–1977) spent most of his life on the Texas coast in a bait camp accessible only by boat. By day he eked out a meager living fishing, but at night and during the off-season he painted prolifically, creating an extraordinary body of mostly small-scale canvases rich with a enigmatic symbols transcribing the visions that he’d experienced since early childhood. Despite his isolation, these works captured the attention of a number of his contemporaries in the art world and were shown in New York from 1949 to the mid-’60s. An artist’s artist, he has since been periodically rediscovered by the public.

This is the first publication in more than 20 years to present a representative sample of this compelling painter’s artwork. Includes a comprehensive exhibition history and bibliography.

isbn: 9780300189735


Joan Snyder

With an introduction by Norman Kleeblatt.

Published by Hayden Herrera, 2006

The engaging paintings of Joan Snyder have never been easily categorized. Though often placed under various art-movement umbrellas-Abstract Expressionism, lyrical abstractionism, or feminism-it is the changing nature of her work that has kept her in the spotlight since she first rose to prominence in the 1970s.

In the first major book on this influential feminist artist, art historian Hayden Herrera explores Snyder's beautiful mixed-medium works and their fascinating combination of personal iconography, female imagery, aggressive brushstrokes, and accomplished formalism. Gorgeously illustrated with 140 images, this lush volume includes decades of Snyder's most important work, including Vanishing Theatre/The Cut, Moonfield, Oratorio, Should You Wonder, and Women Make Lists. This rich collection is sure to become the definitive look at an artist whose unique vision has inspired art lovers for decades. The release of this book accompanies a traveling retrospective exhibition of Snyder's work that is scheduled to open at The Jewish Museum in New York in August 2005.

ISBN: 978-0810959323

Billy Al Bengston: Dentos

Text by Ed Ruscha.

Published by parrasch heijnen, 2018

Between 1965 and 1970, Los Angeles painter Billy Al Bengston (born 1934) challenged the limitations of painting through his famous Dentos series, using automobile lacquers and polyurethane sprayed on dented, punctured aluminum sheets. This book documents the series and is accompanied by text from Bengston’s close friend, Ed Ruscha.

ISBN: 9780692944424

Charles Ross: the substance of light

Essays by Thomas McEvilley and Klaus Ottmann. Interview between Loïc Malle and Charles Ross. Historical texts by Virginia Dwan, Anna Halprin, Michael Heizer, Steve Katz, Donald Kuspit, Ed Ranney, and Jean-Hubert Martin.

Published by Radius Books, 2012

Charles Ross’ fascination with light, time, and the space of the stars has given life to a rich artistic career that includes a major earthwork, large-scale prism installations, sculpture, and painting with dynamite. From Star Axis, a vast architectonic earth/star work in the New Mexican desert, to his Solar Burns series made by burning woodpanel monochromes with focused rays of the sun, Ross allows the natural patterns and forces of the cosmos to inform his work. Charles Ross: The Substance of Light is a comprehensive volume that covers over four decades of work and features full-color illustrations of his Solar Spectrum artworks, Star Axis, and his Solar Burns, Star Maps, Dynamite Paintings and Drawings, along with early work and selected architectural commissions, including solar spectrum for the Dwan Light Sanctuary.

ISBN: 9781934435496


Peter Alexander: In This Light

Published by Orange County Museum of Art

This is the first book on a quintessential California artist, Peter Alexander, who for over three decades has been an active force in shaping the art and culture of the West, from cast-resin sculpture, through sunset, ocean and airport images, to recent Las Vegas paintings.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name originated by the Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, California, and on view there from May 22 through September 12, 1999. The exhibition will toured to the Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, from October 9 through November 21, 1999.

ISBN: 978-0917493287