Franklin Parrasch and Christopher Heijnen opened Parrasch Heijnen in January 2016 with a program guided by a conscious reflection upon the process of creativity as related to human evolution. The gallery's inaugural exhibition, Ken Price Sculpture: A Career Survey, 1961-2008, set the standard for our aesthetic vision and approach.

The lens through which Parrasch Heijnen contextualizes the work of the artists we partner with is based on historical precedents as well as the intergenerational exchange of energy and ideas. The gallery explores contemporary undercurrents while pairing like-spirited material from a variety of periods in contexts designed to bend preconceptions.



parrasch heijnen gallery

1326 s. boyle avenue, los angeles, ca 90023

gallery hours are tuesday - saturday, 11am - 6pm


P: +1 (323) 943-9373

SM: @parraschheijnen

the gallery does not accept unsolicited artist submissions currently




franklin parrasch gallery

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